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Since 2009, Chesapeake Bay Yacht Charters has been leading the way into the bay, with full-service charter experiences departing from Annapolis, Maryland.

Luxury Yacht Charters in Annapolis, MD

Explore the bay in luxury on our multiple day yacht charters. Experience our incredibly comfortable and relaxing charter boats!

Located in Historic Annapolis, we offer a fleet of bareboat charters, supported by the established Annapolis Yacht Sales and Service originated in 1953. Bareboat available itinerary, with the freedom to create your own schedule. To make your voyage as enjoyable as possible we offer a concierge service to cater to your needs. Let Chesapeake Bay Yacht Charter be your home away from home.

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Chesapeake Bay Yacht Charters
7350 Edgewood Road
Annapolis, MD 21403